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    Thursday, June 22, 2017   /   by Stephanie Miller

    Helping Elderly Parents with Real Estate Planning

    Helping your elderly parents with real estate planning can be a very daunting and delicate process. We understand the challenges you're facing. Several of our team members, including our Broker/Owner Monte Mohr, have helped our own families through this process in just the last year or two.

    Carole Sullivan:  Welcome back. Our real estate expert, Monte Mohr, is here. We love when he's here because the real estate market is hot!

    Monte Mohr:  It is hot.

    Carole Sullivan:  He has decades of experience and what I love is that you always answer the customers' questions.

    Monte Mohr:  I try to.

    Carole Sullivan:  There are a lot of questions in this industry!

    Monte Mohr:  33 years in the business. I think I've crossed every bridge.

    Carole Sullivan:  We have a question today from one of our viewers.

    It says, "Mr. Mohr, my parents are getting to the point in life that they really need to sell their home and movie into an assisted l ...

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    Tuesday, May 16, 2017   /   by Monte Mohr

    8 Home Selling Tips by HomeLight Featuring Real Estate Advice by Monte Mohr

    Thinking of selling your home? Here are 8 tips from HomeLight to make your house stand apart from the rest! Check out #7 to read what Monte Mohr told Forbes about selling to investors.

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